Heal yourself with energywork

Energy work, wat houdt dat eigenlijk in?
Yvonne van Energize ur life is gespecialiseerd in self healing, zoals chakra cleanse en reiki. Lees hier meer:

Hello, my name is Yvonne and I am originally from Germany.

I moved to the Netherlands three years ago because my biggest dream is to live close to the beach – I am very grateful and happy that I can live in The Hague now.

Besides my “normal job” I am a Yoga and Reiki Teacher, giving Meditation and love to support people with essential oils and Aloe Vera products.

My blessing is to invite people to learn how to heal themselves – with different tools – in all kind of situation in life.

My passion is to give Yoga classes (Hatha and Vinyasa), helping people to find the right supplements or essential oil (workshop “testing with a tensor”), giving Reiki treatments, Chakra and Aura cleansing and I started this year to teach the first and second degree of Reiki – and I love it so much to share this energy knowledge and to work with it. We all need this in this special times to know how we can support ourselves and each other.

Therefore I want to invite you to get in contact with me to find out in a personal talk a taste what you can do with small things – for example to do a chakra cleansing or to get a small treatment and see what will change.

Have I aroused your interest then simply contact me.

I am looking forward to get in connect with you!

Namaste Yvonne